TAI CHI, an Oriental Fighting Discipline, vs. JUDO, BOXING & MMA.










Why don’t you get paid to share with others

the alternative preferred payment

that I have found to be an

Easy Way to Earn Extra $25 – $100 + per day

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I have experimented

with, Potentially,

The Easiest Way to Earn an Extra $25, $50, $75,

or $100 per day

in under 7 minutes!


1.) Start Using Bitcoin

in day to day purchases.

Become enthusiastic/

knowledgeable about Bitcoin

( by reading about it online

for some amount of time,every few days).


2.) Just email your friends,

AND/ OR make informative /

educational posts on facebook /

instagram / etc.,

about your experience, ease & political motivations

for comfortably using bitcoin, as your


alternative payment method.

Get paid $10.00 ( in Bitcoin ) for every referral….

IME ( in my experience )

it takes 3-7 Minutes a day of thought

about what to type in facebook status update or e-mails,

and results in 1 or 2 sales every time I do it!

As you start to use bitcoin and lose faith in the US Dollar

and Learn About the Devaluation of the Dollar,

the Loss of Our Freedoms, Police Brutality,

and Abolishing the Federal Reserve.

Why don’t you get paid to share with others

the alternative to supporting the failed system

that keeps “them” in power and helps fuel every major war

and every major evil corporation?

If you are still using USD as your preferred payment,

you need to try bitcoin,

click the link in this message to “test out” using bitcoin,

by putting $100 or slightly more,

just a small amount of money, into a bitcoin “wallet”,

and try using it!

You can buy things in bitcoin online

instead of using a credit or debit card,

or offline out in the “real world”

through your app buying coffee

if you put a “bitcoin wallet” on your smartphone;

(click link here to sign up ).

PLUS you can earn $10 every time you refer a friend to Bitcoin

by using the same type of post that I am doing right now…

email it to 3 friends a day, post it on facebook,

or get more creative if you wish.

It only takes a few minutes a day.


earn free bitcoin Easy Way to Earn Extra $25 $100+ per day in 7 or so Minutes


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