The Object of Taharrush Gamea, THE MUSLIM RAPE GAME, is to Perform Rapes in the Middle of a Large Crowded Event.


Cologne, Germany:

The number of women who have come forward

to report attacks during a New Year’s celebration

has risen to over 516.

40% of the complaints were for sexual assault.

Over 100 more cases were reported

in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Officials say the attacks appeared to be planned.

Anti-immigration protesters

were hit with water cannons

and tear gas over the weekend.

Arab and North African migrants

have imported a rape game into Europe

called Taharrush Gamea.

The object of the game

is to perform rapes in the middle of crowded events

by encircling the rapist and his victim

to conceal the act from bystanders.

Then the group quickly disperses,

including the rapist.


This Video is of Muslim Immigrants Sexually Assaulting a Girl.




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