TSA-Style Checkpoints: Coming to Major Interstates with Obama’s Cancellation of The Constitution.

TSA-Style Checkpoints

Coming to Major Interstates ?

by Tom Dyson
Publisher, Palm Beach Research Group.

This posting is an example of the elimination of The Constitution, under Obama.
President Obama’s sneaky interpretation of U.S.C. §1357 could be the last nail in the coffin that buries the Constitutional rights for millions of law-abiding Americans.
What is it?
It’s a law that will virtually end the rights of approximately 197 million Americans.
Depending on where you live—be warned…

You are no longer protected by the Constitution.

Last June there was a ruling by The Legislature that gave The Executive Branch the Legal Standing to enact a law, with the “Balance of Government” now being:
The Congress may Object and Fight the Executive’s decision, if they don’t like it”,
Then, who is Congress “Fighting” or “Putting Up a Vigorous Debate” against ? George Soros ?, The Bilderbergs ? Act Up ? China ?
It depends on who ‘backed” the President’s decision.


What if you had to wait in line 10 minutes every day to go through a TSA-like security “checkpoint”… every time you went to work…

Every time you came back home…

And even going to the grocery store, a restaurant, or just running a simple errand?

What if you had to do this even if you lived in a safe neighborhood… if you “played by the rules” all your life, never got in trouble with the law, and had no criminal record (not even a single speeding ticket)?

Well, if you’re like me, that kind of thing would really piss you off.

Now, you might think this scenario could never happen to someone like you…


It has happened to hardworking, honest, innocent Americans just like you…

And it’s happened right here on U.S. Soil.

In fact, the Government has already been testing temporary checkpoints in over 170 locations. Agents can stop you in your car and hold you for interrogation.

Already, these checkpoints are causing tension—Here’s a clip that shows what happened at just one of these locations recently…

But here’s the scary part: Homeland Security documents reveal these temporary checkpoints are just the first phase of a secret new Government program…

Obama is now looking to install PERMANENT checkpoints all across America.

“Plans for Massive TSA Style Checkpoint”

Here, take a look at the plans I’ve uncovered… They detail a huge, 8-acre facility on I-91, Vermont’s major interstate.

According to these documents, the operational intent of the facility would be to divert all traffic from the interstate for screening.

That means the facility would be able to stop—and search—every car that passes on this highway… About 28,900 travellers each day.

The facility will even have high-tech scanners to basically “X-Ray” your car and see everything inside—just like the TSA does to you’re your luggage when you go flying.

“8 Acre Facility on I-91, Vermont’s Major Highway”

The plans also show a garage on site. That means government thugs could completely disassemble your car if they wanted to!

But sadly, it’s not only Vermont that’s affected…

Similar plans are now in the works for other major highways such as I-87, I-93, and I-95. All told, this new government initiative could affect as many as 46 million U.S. citizens.

Do you have an extra half hour (or more) each day to sacrifice for the latest government invasion?

But, if you can believe it, it actually gets worse…

These TSA style checkpoints are just one small part of something bigger…

If You Live in This Zone, You’re
No Better Than an Illegal Alien…

You see, my 6-month investigation has uncovered undeniable proof the U.S. Government can now invade our personal privacy and finances in ways you never imagined possible.

In fact, these checkpoints are all thanks to President Obama’s sneaky interpretation of U.S.C. §1357.

This law has created what some experts are calling “constitution-free” zones which will put approximately 197 million Americans at risk.

If you live inside this zone (which consists of any area 100 miles or less from a border or coast) be warned… You are no longer protected by the Constitution.

Here, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Federal agents“are stopping, interrogating, and searching Americans on an everyday basis with absolutely no suspicion of wrongdoing, and often in ways that our Constitution does not permit.”

That means, if you’re walking down the street, eating at a restaurant or just spending quality time with your family at home, you’re at the mercy of U.S. government agents.

Sound incredible?

Just ask Paul Andrews, a law-abiding student in Champlain, New York.

The Nation reports that, “his computer was seized for ten days….Like many of us, [Paul] keeps everything, even his most private and intimate conversations with his girlfriend, on his computer. Now, it’s private no longer.”

For these 10 days, Paul couldn’t use his computer to do any work or take care of any of his personal finances.

And yet, no charges were filed. And agents didn’t have (or NEED) a warrant.

Sound like the land of the free to you?

Or, consider the case of Sara Goldman, who lives near Tucson, Arizona inside one of these “zones.” She was cuffed and detained, while a law enforcement agent grabbed her purse, opened it, and dumped all its contents on the floor—photos of her kids, credit cards, and other papers…

“Please stop stepping on the pictures,” Sara begged.

But this is now Obama’s new America.

And abuses like these are now 100% legal inside these Constitution-free zones.

It doesn’t matter that Sara was born and raised in America—

Or that not a single charge or warrant was issued against her.

Worse, still, is what the government agents did to Sara’s husband…

He was beaten so badly that he suffered permanent brain damage.

Doctors had to remove part of his skull and he still experiences seizures today.

But others weren’t as “lucky” as Sara’s husband. According to a recent article by The New York Times, over 33 people have already been killed in these zones.

All told, I’ve found about 6,000 documents showing cases of government abuse and intrusion inside Constitution-free zones. And no one is safe!

Federal agents even abused a former 96-year-old Governor—

all because a dog detected radiation from his pacemaker!

These injustices JUST AREN’T RIGHT.

That’s why I put together special guide called The Ultimate Government Survival Guide.To help regular Americans protect themselves from our “leaders” in Washington who seem more hell-bent on hurting us than in helping us improve our lives.

If you have a valid U.S. address, I’d like to offer you a copy of this report today for free.

Inside the report, you’ll discover:

  • The 4 things any government agent must tell you if they request your Social Security number (Make sure they do!) Otherwise, you legally don’t have to give them your info…
  • A simple FREE download, originally created for a branch of the U.S. Military, that makes it nearly impossible for anyone—including the U.S. Government—to track your physical location!
  • How to make yourself “invisible” to drones
  • How to encrypt your computer with military technology that most people don’t realize is available to the public
  • As well as the simple four-word sentence that will protect your rights within these zones. (You’ll be protected from physical violence, and it will make you virtually immune from privacy invasion.)

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